ANZLL Rating scale

The ANZLL Rating Scale –

Although there are plenty of good and valid reasons not to rate books, we poll our members at the conclusion of each discussion and use the following scale to give some indication of our opinions.  

10 One of the best books I’ve ever read

9  Terrific, I couldn’t put it down

8  Very good, recommended

7  Good, worth reading

6  Enjoyed parts of it, but…

5  I didn’t particularly like or dislike it, a mixed review

4  An ‘okay’ book, but I won’t recommend it

3  Poor, lost interest, (maybe skipped bits of it)

2  Awful, didn’t finish it.

1  Don’t waste your time.

0 One of the worst books I’ve ever read.

 To view our reading choices see the current schedule, or for archives, click here.

Thanks to Pearlie for sharing this rating scale.

Please share your thoughts and join the conversation!

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