Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 19, 2008

How to subscribe using RSS

What’s RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) notifies you every time there is new content on a website you like. You find a blog (or whatever) that you like and you subscribe, so that every time there is any new content on the webpage you get automatic notification about it instead of having to keep checking the website.  (It doesn’t cost anything).

There are different ways to receive your notifications.


This allows you to see all new content whenever you open your browser.  Click on the orange RSS feeder button (usually on the top RHS menu somewhere) and a new page will open.  You will see ‘Subscribe to this feed’ and if you click on it, the feed will automatically show up in your feeds list.  If you can’t see the feeds list, you need to go to View/Explorer Bar Menu and click on Feeds: it will then show up on the LHS of your browser screen (just like Favourites or History do, if you have enabled them).

RSS feeds in MS Outlook

If you use MS Outlook (and maybe other email programs as well) you will automatically receive notifications about new web content that you subscribed to in your email.  It will be in a separate section to your ordinary email so you won’t get overwhelmed.  So whenever you see a link to a feed on a blog, or an RSS icon such as the little orange one at the top of this browser page, just click it and MS Outlook 2007 will automatically subscribe you to that RSS Feed.  If you use the MS Preview window, you don’t even need to open your web browser to read most posts.  (This is bad for the bloggers ‘hits’, but convenient!)

RSS feeds in Google Readers

If you sign up to Google you can receive your RSS feeds through Google Reader, and if you have a personalised iGoogle page you can set it up so that your new unread feeds show up on it.  When you click on the RSS icon, the screen will offer you the option of receiving your RSS this way.  Here’s a guide to using it.

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