Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 8, 2008

BBRLM (Lisa) Jun 08

Since I have decided to delete the separate page for my BBRLM’s (because it was getting unwieldy) I have re-posted BBRLM’s for June, July & August to the main page.  This belated post records my BBRLM for June 2008, and links on the titles take you to separate posts about those books.

I don’t seem to have read much in June…it took me ages to get through The Lost Dog, which I did not enjoy but read out of loyalty to Michelle de Kretser whose previous work I had really enjoyed. Also, if I’m honest, I felt I should persist with a book so widely praised and nominated for so many awards.

What I did enjoy was Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findlay (8), and the audio book of Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie (7) which I listened to en route to work.

I also read a couple of children’s books, The Detachable Boy by Scot Gardner (very fine, beaut for boys) and Ramose and the Tomb Robbers by one of Australia’s finest writers for children, Carole Wilkinson.  The Ramose series is very exciting and an excellent choice for Y4 upwards).

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