Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 8, 2008

Bridge of Sighs (2007), by Richard Russo

From the sublime (George Eliot’s Scenes from a Clerical Life) to the turgidly boring. I got sucked into this by the title and the picture of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice on the cover. In the beginning the central character Lou bridge-of-sighs(Lucy) is going to Italy with his wife but in fact he never gets there. He is too stuck-in-the-mud, too fond of small time country life in the US and the story degenerates into a long and tedious retrospective of his immensely dull life. I am still cross with myself for wasting my time finishing it.


  1. Oh, I so agree! It’s not often that I don’t finish a book, but I laboured through this, sighing and tossing, and gave up about 50 pages from the end. I’d really stopped caring. It’s not that I need LOT of plot, but really…


  2. Hello CeCe, and welcome to the conversation:)
    It’s a long time since I read this now, but i still feel just the same!


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