Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 22, 2008

Australian booksellers: Readers’ Feast

It is refreshing in an era of bad service and profit-driven business to find that Australian independent booksellers are so customer-orientated.

readers-feastRecently a book I ordered from Readers’ Feast went astray in the post, and when I enquired about it, they not only replaced it, they sent it registered mail to make sure that it arrived safe and sound.  This was a special overseas order, the New Zealand Montana Book Award winning Opportunity, by Charlotte Grimshaw, (our ANZ LitLovers selection for July 09) so it was not only extra work for them but also extra expense.  Readers’ Feast would still have been my favourite bookshop had they not done this, and a visit is always part of any day in the Melbourne CBD because they have such a huge range of the kind of books I like, but I really felt like a valued customer when they went to so much trouble on my behalf.

writers-at-the-conventReaders’ Feast were also the sponsors of the Medieval Imagination Exhibition at the State Library of Victoria, and I am still regularly browsing the catalogue all these months later – it is so beautiful and I have learned so much about medieval books!   RF have a terrific Privileged Reader program which registers purchases towards a gift cheque twice a year, and a tempting mail order catalogue as well (though of course you can order online too).  They were very influential in Melbourne’s successful bid to become a City of Literature and they host the annual Writers at the Convent – a mini Writers’ Festival which Tim and I always attend.

And of course, as readers of this blog will know, they host author events, including the recent one with Kate Grenville talking about and autographing my copy of The Lieutenant!

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