Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 9, 2009

The Silver Wattle (2007), by Belinda Alexandra, read by Caroline Lee

silver-wattleThe Silver Wattle is a straightforward narrative with an utterly predictable plot but as an audio book en route to work it held my interest for a fortnight or so.  It’s the story of two Czech sisters, Adela and Klara, whose nefarious stepfather murders their mother – and plans to murder them too so that he and his fancy woman can have their inheritance.

The girls flee to Australia to live in safety with their uncle and his wife, and things go smoothly enough.  Klara is a talented but highly strung pianist, while Adela turns out to be a gifted photographer who eventually makes a career in film.  There is an interesting sub theme about the early days of the film industry in Australia and how American distributers sabotaged the development of Australian cinema, but Adela marries one of these distributers (a) because he clandestinely supports her career and (b) because Beastly Beatrice cons Adela’s beloved Dr Philip into marriage and Adela is on the rebound. 

Well, it doesn’t take much imagination to work out that one of these rivals for Adela’s affections needs to be eliminated, and it’s not hard to find a nasty character to do it.  After 14 CDs (that’s about 16 trips to and from work) all ends up happily ever after as it should, and now I need to find something new to listen to!

Author: Belinda Alexandra
Title: The Silver Wattle
Publisher: Bolinda Audio
Source: Casety-Cardinia Library

I do so miss Peter Thompson on RN Breakfast in the mornings!

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