Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 6, 2009

Literary Tourism in Maldon! Henry Handel Richardson Celebration Weekend

There I was, moaning away on my soapbox about how Tourism Australia needs to wake up and do something about literary tourism in this country, and lo! today in the mail there was a postcard from the State Library Foundation about a forthcoming weekend (October 10-11) to celebrate Henry Handel Richardson’s years in Maldon.  Henry Handel Richardson, as lovers of OzLit will know is the author of The Getting of Wisdom and the brilliant trilogy The Fortunes of Richard Mahony, and the good folks in Maldon have organised a splendid program of activities for her fans…

HHR postcard1

There is a walking tour, an exhibition of material from Richardson’s childhood, a screening of The Getting of Wisdom, a Cobb and Co carriage ride with an actor recreating Laura’s departure for boarding school in The Getting of Wisdom, and a ghost tour of the cemetery.  There are  lectures by historians, open gardens, and acting performances at the dinner on Saturday night.

Add to that the delights of historic Maldon, including a brass band performance in the Rotunda, and what more could you ask?

  HHR postcard2

Click here to download the HHR Maldon Weekend program and the HHR Maldon Weekend invitation

or for more info contact or Margaret at 03 5472 3942.

You’ll need to be quick to get accommodation in Maldon, but there are heaps of nice places to stay in Central Victoria, not to mention great restaurants en route if you’re driving up from Melbourne.  (We’re having dinner at the Royal George Hotel in Kyneton on the way up on Friday).

PS There is a Henry Handel Richardson Society and I can tell from the Guest counter that I’m one of many visitors to the site today!

Update 28/12/15

There is an enticing review of The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney at Brona’s Books.


  1. Here is my appreciation of Ms. Henry Handel Richardson


  2. Thanks for this Tony – I think it’s a national disgrace that Australian literature doesn’t feature much at tertiary institutions. I discovered HHR at Melbourne University back in the 1980s and really enjoyed her Australia Felix trilogy.


  3. […] there were representatives from various author societies.  Readers of long standing will remember my post about a weekend in Maldon to celebrate Henry Handel Richardson and it was really nice to meet people from the HHR Society and be prompted to check out […]


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