Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 10, 2009

Age Book of the Year shortlist 2009

Anybody who loves Aust Lit surely monitors Perry Middlemiss’s Matilda blog, but just in case you haven’t subscribed by RSS, click here to see the rest of the 2009 The Age Book of the Year shortlist.


Things We Didn’t See Coming – Steven Amsterdam (Sleepers)

Look Who’s Morphing – Tom Cho (Giramondo)

Butterfly – Sonya Hartnett (Hamish Hamilton) (Update 10/6/16 See my review)

Cooee – Vivienne Kelly (Scribe)

Ransom – David Malouf (Knopf) (Update 10/6/16 See my review)

I’m barracking for David Malouf’s Ransom – and I haven’t even read it yet!

Thanks, Perry!


  1. You’re welcome and thanks for the mention. Gotta get those post counts up somehow: Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards shortlists today; Ned Kelly Award coming up soon.


  2. I love the Awards season!


  3. Me too – barracking for Ransom though I too haven’t read it yet! (I have it though!) I am going to a breakfast with him (well he’ll be addressing it) on Sunday am at the National Library. Can’t wait!


    • Oh, you lucky, lucky thing! I am green with envy. Lurline (ANZLL) and I are going to re-read the Iliad first and then read Ransom over the Xmas holidays. If I can wait that long… Lisa


  4. Well, we don’t have a writer’s festival here any more – though there have been attempts to restart one – so we have to take what we can! Good on your for planning to reread the Iliad as well. Should do that but won’t!!

    I have been to a literary lunch with Malouf before but this will be a more intimate session I expect.


  5. I suppose a city needs to be of a certain size to make money on a festival…


  6. Possibly – though lots of smaller towns do have successful festivals eg the Port Fairy Folk Festival or the Tamworth Country Music Festival. I suspect there’s more to it. We had what we called the Word Festival here a decade or so ago – it ran for a while (can’t remember how long now) and then suddenly stopped. We’ve had similar attempts at Film Festivals that have come and gone. I think a new attempt has started up in the last year or so. I should support it this year!


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