Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 16, 2009

15,000 hits!

15,000 hits today at 10.18 EST Sunday August 16th, 2009.

188 posts, and 401 comments…A click on the cluster map in the RHS menu shows that readers come from all over the world, which is lovely.  It’s a community of shared interests that I would never have believed possible a year ago when I started this blog on July 19th, 2008.

Thank you everyone!


  1. Congratulations! This an accomplishment I hope to emulate. I think it speaks to the quality of your content. Well done. I know I will be a regular reader. Thank you for being such a productive member of the community.


    • Thanks, Kerry … I’ve added yours as a link too, because I like the little snippets of information from all over. How do you find them all??


  2. Congrats, Lisa.

    I’m so pleased to have found your blog — only very recently — and enjoy your thought-provoking and intelligent reviews. There’s a sea of dross out in there in blogland but yours is one of the best.


    • I never miss yours either – I reckon RSS is brilliant because every day when I come home from work there’s all kinds of fascinating stuff to read. I particularly like your blog because it’s Aussie with an international flavour, opening us out to a wider world and keeping us in touch with my favourite city, London.


  3. Well done Lisa…great achievement. And I do like reading your posts. I made it to 1,000 a week or so ago. LOL


    • Congratulations – 1000 is a great achievement when you only started such a short time ago! I feel that I learn a lot from yours, and not just about books but about the Red Centre, Wikipedia, music, concerts, film and stage plays – all kinds of things!


  4. That is amazing and truly deserving I might add. Your thoughts are always a highlight of my ‘blog’ visits and believe me I frequent many…..far too many in fact and should spend more time actually reading books than reading *about* them. LOL


    • Ah, but ain’t that always the problem with reading? We always feel that we should do it more!


  5. WOW Lisa
    I have just checked your Cluster Map and the number of countries you have logged is incredible.


  6. Thanks Lisa — hopefully we all learn from each other. You really helped me get going, both with specific advice and general all round lovely support.


  7. Lisa,

    Thank you, very much for the compliment and the link. As for how, like Jenny, I probably spend an inordinate amount of time reading books. But any time I really start to believe that, I run across a site like yours that makes me glad I do.


  8. Well, there is no substitute for reading books! But I do like the book gossip and news I find around the web as well:)


  9. Congratulations Lisa! A relevant, analytical blog with great leads to follow-up on.

    I do believe that the world is coming smaller by the minute in shared interests and the resources to explore them together.

    Well done and keep blogging!


    • Thanks, Steph – I love the way the net has brought us together, with complementary blogs. I may yet trespass on your territory, though, when I finish knitting a jumper with bunnykins on it for my little grand niece LOL! (Don’t hold your breath, I haven’t finished the sleeves yet, and then I’ve got to remember from 35 years ago how to do knitting stitch.) Lisa


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