Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 18, 2009

Prime Minister’s Literary Awards shortlist 2009

Well, the PM has done us proud with the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards fiction shortlist this year!  The only one I haven’t read yet is Everything I Knew which is the ANZLL choice for next month and just waiting its turn on the TBR. 

  • The Pages, by Murray Bail;
  • People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks;
  • Wanting, by Richard Flanagan;
  • Everything I Knew, by Peter Goldsworthy;
  • One Foot Wrong, by Sofie Laguna;
  • The Boat, by Nam Le; and
  • The Good Parents, by Joan London

The non-fiction shortlist is:

  • Van Diemen’s Land, by James Boyce; (on the TBR)
  • Doing Life: A Biography of Elizabeth Jolley, by Brian Dibble; (On the TBR)
  • Gough Whitlam: A Moment in History, by Jenny Hocking;
  • The Tall Man: Death and Life on Palm Island, by Chloe Hooper;
  • House of Exile: The Life and Times of Heinrich Mann and Nelly Kroeger-Mann, by Evelyn Juers;
  • Drawing the Global Colour Line, by Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds;
  • The Henson Case, by David Marr; and
  • American Journeys, by Don Watson (on the TBR)

It’s nice to see how many of these are from the smaller publishing houses too: Text (The Henson Case and The Pages); Black Inc (Van Dieman’s Land); Giramondo (House of Exile); MUP (Gough Whitlam, A Moment in History and Drawing the Global C0lour Line) – this is great encouragement for these independents. 

There’s a beaut summary of the books on the Award Website and the links above are to my reviews.

The prize winners in each category will win $100,000 tax free, enabling them to write full time for a while.  I think it is wonderful that we have awards like this that recognise our writers and support them so that they can write more great books!


  1. Great shortlist isn’t it? But, wait, there’s no Breath? What IS the world coming to? You needn’t respond!


    • *chuckle* I saw someone else complaining that the Slap didn’t get a mention. Somehow, I can’t quite see Mr Rudd wanting to endorse that. I wonder if he actually reads them, or the winner at least.


  2. […] (1989) and Three Dog Night (2003). Now Everything I Knew (2008) has been shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards for 2009.  He’s up against some stiff competition (People of the Book, The Pages, Wanting, The Good […]


  3. […] Minister’s Award annoucement date So now we know.  The 2009 Prime Minister’s Literary Award winners will be announced at  lunchtime on Monday 2 November in […]


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