Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 6, 2009

Brotherhood Books

IMG_1203 There being such a shortage of books to read chez Tim and Lisa, I was delighted to learn about Brotherhood Books where I could indulge myself and spend money in a good cause.  

As far as I know Brotherhood Books is the only online version of an Op Shop.  It’s an initiative of the Brotherhood of St Lawrence , and if you support it then you are supporting a charity that provides practical help for people in need and doing your bit for a sustainable environment, by

  • buying from a selection of thousands of high quality recycled books
  • purchasing for direct donation to those in need – families, schools and communities
  • reducing our carbon footprint
  • cutting down on the number of books sent to landfill
  • creating employment training opportunities.
    How could anyone resist?

    There are literally hundreds of great books for $2-$3 and in the pile above the most expensive was the Greek Islands one at $6.00. 

    At the moment you won’t find the postage charges on the site until you’ve actually gone to the checkout, (a website problem they are about to fix) so I emailed them for find out the rates: 1-2 books $7.70; 3-6 books $8.60 ; 7-9 books $14.50; and more than that you need to contact them to find out what it will be.

    But the best thing about this site, is that you can search to find all those books you want that should be on a backlist and aren’t.  I found two by Ruth Park, two more by Thea Astley, I Claudius by Robert Graves (just in time to chat about it in the Classics Group), and a whole lot of others that I meant to buy when they were in the shops and somehow missed out.

    I’ve added the site as a permanent link to the Recommended Blogroll.


    1. Lisa, let me be brutally honest with my reaction to this post:

      1. Yay, Lisa thinks it’s as fantastic as I do.
      2. I’m glad I went through their stock first before everyone else does.
      3. OMG people are going to get MY books.

      heh, I’m am such a bibliophile – I absolutely have no limit to how many books I want :)


    2. Great minds think alike, Melissa!


    3. Please, please don’t tell me about places like this. I don’t NEED to know…


      • Nonsense, go on, you know you want to!


    4. I sure do – and nearly did yesterday when I saw your comments about it on another post. Had a look and then decided I really mustn’t – for the moment anyhow. I do have a huge pile of TBRs and am in one of those guilty phases!! It’ll pass though!


      • Well, that’s good, because even if you didn’t buy anything this time, I’ve done my little bit to help the Brotherhood with some publicity! Because you will tell other people, of course:)


    5. That is quite a selection and a win- win for both you and the charity. I noticed a couple of my favourites in there including How the Light Gets In and Crow Lake. No doubt a site worth watching for those sought after books that you find out of print.


      • Hi Jenny Well, I bought Crow Lake because I remember that there was a lot of positive chat about it online at ANZLL, and I was having a mild attack of restraint at the time and didn’t buy it. When I recovered of course it was too late and no longer in the shops. I bought How the Light Gets In not expecting to like it (only from what I’ve heard), but it was so cheap I shan’t care if it goes back to the Op Shop unread. Lisa


    6. I haven’t found anything to buy yet, but I’m looking.


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