Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 15, 2009

Gerald Murnane and the Melbourne Prize for Literature

InlandI am so very pleased to see that Gerald Murnane has been awarded the Melbourne Prize for Literature 2009.   (I voted for him in the Civic Choice award – though I was a bit torn about Alex Miller who is also a wonderful author. )  I have read Inland, and The Plains, and found them both intriguing.   Not easy reading, but very rewarding.

Nam Le won the Best Writing Award 2009 (but I’ve only read one of his short stories, The Boat, so far).

The Civic Choice award will be announced on November 27th, and you can still vote if you’re quick.

Belated Update 26.4.2010

The Civic Choice Award was won by Amra Pajalic for The Good Daughter (Text Publishing, 2009)

Full details about the Award can be found here at the Trust site.


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