Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 14, 2010

The Barbara Jefferis Award 2010 – and the winner is….

Update: 10.45pm (thank goodness for Twitter!)

The winner of the 2010 Barbara Jefferis Award is Kristina Olsson for The China Garden.


I am indebted to The Australian’s Rosemary Sorenson for reminding me that the winner of the Barbara Jefferis award will be announced today.

The shortlisted authors are:

  • The Lost Life by Steven Carroll (on my TBR, but I haven’t read it yet)
  • Swimming by Enza Gandolfo, see my review
  • The World Beneath by Cate Kennedy, see my review
  • The China Garden by Kristina Olsson
  • Headlong by Susan Varga

The prize, worth $35,000 is awarded to a novel that depicts women and girls in a positive way.

It’s sometimes very difficult to report on the winners of literary awards promptly because the mainstream media doesn’t bother with literature much – and even the weekend papers usually only cover the major awards like the Booker and the Miles Franklin.  I’ll be relying on bloggers who attended the ceremony and the ASA website for news about this award and will update this post as soon as I can…


  1. Ah, thanks for reminding me. I created an article for this on Wikipedia and like to make sure the new awards are entered when they are announced. I shall look out for it.


    • It’s so hard to keep track of them all!


  2. Does anyone know who won 2010? I want to choose the winner for Book Club – need it this week.


  3. Hi Jane, it’s The China Garden by Kristine Olsson – here’s the link – and thanks to Sue at Whispering Gums for passing it on:)


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