Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 8, 2010

New South Wales Premier’s Prize for New Writing for Fiction 2010

The shortlists keep coming, don’t they?

The UTS Glenda Adams Award for New Writing for Fiction i.e. the New South Wales Premier’s Prize for New Writing for Fiction shortlist includes

Steven Amsterdam, Things We Didn’t See Coming

Kathy Charles, Hollywood Ending

Andrew Croome, Document Z , see my review

Glenda Guest, Siddon Rock, Update 31/5/16 See my review

Karen Hitchcock, Little White Slips.

Kirsten Reed, The Ice Age.

Text Publishing have shown the strength and diversity of their list with  Hollywood Ending and The Ice Age on this shortlist and recognition on various other NSW Premier’s Prize shortlists as well:

Michael Cathcart’s The Water Dreamers: The Remarkable History of our Dry Continent  (Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-fiction).

Kathy Charles’ Hollywood Ending is also shortlisted on the Ethel Turner Prize for Young People’s Literature.

Richard Newsome’s The Billionaire’s Curse  (Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children’s Literature).


  1. Some interesting choices in all these aren’t there, Lisa? The AustLit group did Little White Slips. I’m sort of sorry I didn’t manage to read it with them at the time.


  2. Too much to read, too little time!
    I must seek out The Billionaire’s Curse for school – I wonder if it’s a reworking of Midas??


  3. Could be! I’ll be interested to hear what you think – I’m not up to date these days with the up and coming children’s writers. I gather Wrightson died only recently…


  4. I discovered Wrightson not as a child but when I studied Chlldren’s Literature. I loved the way she wove ancient *Australian* mythology into the novels she wrote, as moody and mysterious as Ursula Le Guin and Alan Garner, but *local*. Visiting the Den of Nargun after reading The Nargun and the Stars is surreal!
    There are links to obits about her on my LisaHillSchoolStuff site if you are interested. (see Lisa’s Other Life in the RHS menu).


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