Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 19, 2010

50,000 hits!

Some time tonight, probably while I’m tucked up in bed finishing The China Garden, this blog will reach 50,000 hits.

Since July 2008, I’ve written 362 posts, and I’ve reviewed 194 fiction and 40 non-fiction books.

Readers kind enough to comment have made 1628 comments – and it is you I want to thank  because it is very encouraging to know that people are reading the blog.  It’s that conversation that makes writing this blog such fun to do.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Congratulations Lisa, well done. You have created a great blog …


  2. Sorry, I sent that when I was distracted by a call from my son! Anyhow, it’s a great blog – and I appreciate, too, all the support you have given me over the last year in getting my own going.


  3. Congratulations Lisa, 50,000 well deserved. According to stats I see you have passed it -excellent.

    Quality blog, consistent, contemporary, well written and from the heart.

    There a novel within you methinks.

    Ciao for now.

    Kevin Parker – aka ‘ award tragic’


  4. Damnation. I was hoping to be 50,000 but I was 50,034. You made me look! Thanks for running such a great blog Lisa. It means the rest of us can relax in our apathy.


  5. Congrats, Lisa!


  6. Well done!! I really don’t know how you manage to work, read and post so much! Hats off to you!


  7. Well done, congrats. (My mind jumps back to the time I used to play Everquest, and when someone went up a level they’d broadcast it, Ding!, and other people would write back, Gratz!)


  8. Thank you all, you lovely people! What a wonderful community this is:)


  9. You are doing very well – congratulations. 230+ books is a great achievement – and like me you’re probably realising that you could have written a book instead!


  10. Thanks, Tom – I suppose from a word count point-of-view it’s perhaps the same as a short novel, but I never think of it like that. I’ve always talked about the books I read -mainly with my father who is also a voracious reader – and blogging is just like the letters I write to my parents who now live in Queensland, it’s just chatting away about the books I’ve read.
    BTW I *love* the header on your newly re-designed blog – “Sussex reading territory”, what a grand idea!


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