Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 17, 2010

NSW Premier’s Awards 2010

Well, I’d love to be able to bring you the official news about who won the 2010 NSW Premier’s Awards – and the Christina Stead Prize for fiction in particular – but I’m going to be abed, reading a book, when the news (according to the NSW PLA site) makes its way online at 11.00pm.

But thanks to Bookseller & Publisher on Twitter, I can tell you that

  •  the National Biography Award has been won by Brian Matthews for ‘Manning Clark: A Life’ … here’s the link and a review.
  • the award for new writing for fiction went to Andrew Croome for Document Z, see my review
  • the Community Relations Commission award went to Abbas El-Zein for Leave to Remain: A Memoir.
  • the Literary scholarship award was awarded to Philip Mead for Networked Language: Culture and History in Australian Poetry
  •  the scriptwriting award went to Jane Campion for Bright Star and Aviva Ziegler for Fairweather Man
  • The Kenneth Slessor Prize for poetry went to Jordie Albiston for the sonnet according to ‘m’
  • The Douglas Stewart prize for non-fiction goes to Paul McGeough for Kill Khalid: Mossad’s failed hit … and the rise of Hamas. (I started this, but didn’t finish it.  Middle Eastern politics, too complex for me!)  He also won the Book of the Year for this.

and (the one we were waiting for!)

  • J M Coetzee has won the Christina Stead prize for fiction for Summertime (on  my TBR).

AND (hooray!)

  • Cate Kennedy has won the People’s Choice Award for The World Beneath (see my review).

And the Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature picked up a special award for work outside the categories.  Which is excellent, because it’s terrific.

Good night!

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