Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 21, 2010

Australian Book Design Awards: winners announced

I am indebted to the Australian Booksellers and Publishers Blog Fancy Goods for the announcement of the winners of the Australian Book Design Awards.   Ransom won Best Designed Book and Valley of Grace won Best Designed Literary Fiction book.  You can see the rest of them here.


Click the links to see my review of Ransom, and Valley of Grace.


  1. Woo hoo … both are lovely, but the Halligan is one of the most gorgeous books I have bought in some time. I love to hold it, handle it, f****e (you can’t be too careful what words will attract people) it. Good for Allen and Unwin and their designer/s.


    • ROTFL, laughing out loud at your discretion, Sue!


  2. Glad you enjoyed it!! I nearly didn’t and then thought, what the heck! LOL


  3. I love all the winners, particularly the ‘Ransom’ cover with its ‘squaring’ of the title and author and the donkey in precisely the spot it is in. I adore both the simplicity and the incongruity of it.
    Also interesting to see the fine work being done by Adam Laszczuk.
    Thanks for the post.


    • Hello Karen, and welcome to the conversation:)
      I do hope that the tradition of beautiful book covers doesn’t get lost with the evolution of eBooks. That would be a real shame.


  4. Mmm, interesting thought. I have never had a good look at an eBook. I suppose there might be scope to have ‘cover art’ and then a motif or logo at the top of each page?
    I know I must embrace the new technology but, oh, I so love the feel of books, the smell of them. I can’t imagine I will ever get the same joy by reading text on a screen.


  5. If you have a look at my Kindle in Australia posts, (see the tag cloud) you can see the evolution of my use of a Kindle eBook. I wouldn’t ever want to part with real books, and I buy more of them than I should – and hoard them – because I fear that in my lifetime there won’t be enough of us who want the real thing for publishers to bother with us. Nevertheless there is a place for eBooks: they make books that are in the public domain free or nearly free for people all over the world, and they’re great for travel. They’re handbag friendly too. I’m happy to have both; but will be very unhappy indeed if eBooks replace the real thing.


  6. Please excuse my ignorance Lisa. I’m a little green. What is ‘the tag cloud’?


  7. That’s ok, Karen, we are all learners on the web, it’s just we know different things about it *smile*. In blogging you tag posts to indicate what the post is about, which helps search engines to find you. If you also set up your blog to have a tag cloud, your readers can use it to help find topics on the blog. (I also categorise everything, which you can see on the drop-down categories box on the RHS menu column, near the top.)
    My tag cloud is also on the RHS menu column, scroll down under Recent Comments until you see a whole lot of topics, mostly names of authors. The bigger they are the more often I have posted about them on this blog, and if you click on them they take you to a page that lists the posts about whatever the tag is. So if you scroll down and click on Kindle in Australia it takes you to a page that lists all the posts I’ve made about Kindles, and you can then click on the link to read them.


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