Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 13, 2010

The Book of Emmett wins the Dobbie Award

It’s good to hear via Matilda that Deborah Forster has won the  2010 Dobbie Encouragement Award, which is for a first published work by a female writer,  for her debut novel The Book of Emmett .

I think that Forster has a great future as a writer.  See my review here.

If you haven’t bought it already, I think you should, because sales are the best encouragement of all!


  1. Oh, that’s great news. Good for her!


  2. Hi Kim, it’s the Queen’s Birthday here and a Long Weekend – with cold and gloomy Melbourne being perfect for loafing by the fire with a book!
    I’m fascinated by Forster’s writing. She’s revealed that The Book of Emmett is somewhat autobiographical, and because it’s such a personal story (even though I know one should never assume the writer is the character) I am intrigued to know what/how she will write next. I’m reading Jon McGregor’s Even the Dogs at the moment – have you read this one?


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