Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 22, 2010

Truth wins the Miles Franklin Award 2010

Truth by Peter Temple has won the Miles Franklin Award 2010.


  1. Of all the good books on the list they had to pick this one.

    • I notice that Morag Fraser (one of the judges) said there hadn’t been any criticism of their decision. Morag, that might be because we’re all thunderstruck…

  2. Since I live on the other side of the globe, a short explanation of what this was a thunderstriking choice might be useful. Not that I am contemplating buying it, but I do try to retain some interest in prizes down there.

  3. […] Peter Temple I actually first heard about Peter Temple’s novel ‘Truth’ via Lisa of ANZ Lit Lovers after she had announced it had won The Miles Franklin Award this year – one of Australia’s […]


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