Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 10, 2010

New books on the TBR

There was a nice pile of books waiting for me at the Post Office today.

The Philanthropist by John Tesarsch, which I discovered via Literary Minded. You can get it from Readings or from the publishers, Sleepers.

Publisher newsletters are a great way to learn about new releases and usually some interesting gossip about authors as well!  I heard about Hand Me Down World, by Lloyd Jones, about from Text’s Newsletter.  Lloyd Jones is the New Zealand author of the Booker Prize shortlisted Mr Pip, which I read before I started this blog.  You can get these and other books by Lloyd Jones direct from Text or from Readings.  (I’ve also got his Paint Your Wife on Mt TBR as well. I bought that at the Melbourne Writers Festival.)

From Scribe came Rocks in the Belly by Jon Bauer, Bereft by Chris Womersley and The Twin by Gerbrand Bakker.   I discovered The Twin from a review by Kevin from Canada and the others from Scribe’s September newsletter which I didn’t get round to reading until I got back from overseas.  (Scribe has the Australian rights for The Twin, Bakker is a Dutch author and the book was shortlisted for a translation prize.)   All three are available from Scribe and from Readings as well.  Overseas buyers can find The Twin online but bear in mind that Australian titles are often listed as ‘out of stock’ but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the BD will eventually get them in.  It can mean that they’re negotiating for international rights, or it can mean not ever available at all.  I’ve contacted them about how frustrating it is for overseas buyers of Aussie books, but they haven’t done anything about it yet.

From Ros Collins, literary executor of the late Alan Collins, comes three intriguing books: Alva’s Boy, an Unsentimental Memoir; A Thousand Nights at the Ritz and Other Stories; and A Promised Land?  Collins was an Australian-Jewish author (see more about him on the Alan Collins website) and the short story collection comes with an introduction by Arnold Zable, so I’m looking forward to reading these too.

Where to start?  I don’t know.  I’m going to finish reading The Gathering by Anne Enright first, and then I’ll decide.  How good it is to read a great book after that silly Mysteries of Udolpho!


  1. A nice haul there Lisa. I read the reviews of Lloyd Jones’ new book with interest in the papers on the weekend. I’ve heard of The Twin. I have the impression that it was big news when we were in Ireland in June. I think it won a prize- ahhh yes- not going mad just yet- it won the Impac prize in June. I remember windows full of it. It sounded interesting, although I can’t remember exactly what it was about.


  2. I’m going to have to have a purge of the BIR (Books I’ve Read). There’s just no room anywhere!


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