Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 13, 2010

David Foster wins the 2010 Patrick White Literary Award

David Foster wins the 2010 Patrick White Literary Award ·

And I should think so too!  Sons of the Rumour (see my review) was a fabulous book and this writer deserves an international reputation. 

Thanks to Readings for sharing this very welcome news!

PS This is the article to which Louise (below) is referring. It is in The Australian, which means of course that we must take the reporting with a grain of salt…


  1. He took an interesting swipe at Coetzee along the way didn’t he?


    • I think he swipes everybody, he’s that kind of guy:)
      And let’s face it, Coetzee, well, I like reading his stuff but I think he’s overdone the gloomy mien…


  2. I think I’ve only read one Coetzee (Disgrace), and um, well I don’t think I’ve read any Foster. But hey I can still say I haven’t read (well finished) any Dickens- so he’s in good company.


  3. Well, now this Xmas, you’ll have to read A Christmas Carol to The Boy LOL.


    • *chuckle* And you are! I’ve just visited you blog and there it is! (I unsubscribed from all my RSS feeds while we were away to keep ISP costs down, and now I’ve got to find them all again!)


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