Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 16, 2010

ANZ authors on the IMPAC longlist 2010

The longlist for the Dublin International IMPAC Literary Award has been announced.

Australian authors include

  • Peter Carey (Parrot and Olivier in America) (see my review)
  • J.M. Coetzee (Summertime)
  • Marion Halligan (Valley of Grace) (see my review)
  • M.J. Hyland (This is How)
  • David Malouf (Ransom) (see my review)
  • Alex Miller (Lovesong) (see my review)
  • Kristina Olssen (The China Garden) (see my review)
  • Craig Silvey (Jasper Jones) (see my review)

and New Zealand authors include

  • Maurice Gee (Access Road)
  • Fiona Farrell (Limestone)
  • Laurence Fearnley (Mother’s Day)
  • Rachael King (Magpie Hall)
  • Damien Wilkins (Somebody Loves Us All)
  • Alison Wong (As The Earth Turns Silver) (see my review)

Happy reading!


  1. Interesting list Lisa … I’m thrilled to see Valley of Grace there (along with many of the others) as it hasn’t had much of a guernsey around the traps and I think it’s a lovely book.

    I do wonder though about whether we can call MJ Hyland Australian. I decided not to classify her that way when I reviewed This is how …


  2. I *must* read Valley of Grace, I love Halligan’s Work and I have had it on the TBR for too long.
    Yes, I know, I dithered around over MJ Hyland, and over Coetzee, and over Carey. Hyland wasn’t born here, but she spent a good bit of her childhood here, and IMO importantly completed her university education here. She had an Australia Council grant. Coetzee hasn’t been living here long, and he certainly doesn’t seem to have an Australian sensibility, but he’s an Australian resident. Carey hasn’t lived here for ages, it’s a bit like claiming Clive James as an Aussie but he thinks he’s still an Australian (or that’s what he says when he’s here).
    In the end I decided to be inclusive LOL.


  3. […] short list will be announced on April 12, 2011.   Lisa of ANZ LitLovers LitBlog has compiled a list of nominated books from Australia and New Zealand. Do check it out as […]


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