Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 29, 2010

CAL Scribe Fiction Prize Longlist for 2011

From the press release today:

Scribe Publications is delighted to announce the longlist for the 2011 CAL Scribe Fiction Prize for writers over 35:

  • Sally Bothroyd, ‘A Cocoa Jackson Mystery’ (NT)
  • Courtney Collins, ‘The Burial’ (NSW)
  • Richard Gosling, ‘Bear’ (NSW)
  • John Hughes, ‘The Remnants’ (NSW)
  • Lesley Jørgensen, ‘Cat and Fiddle’ (SA)
  • Jack Ramsay, ‘Brogan’s Crossing’ (Qld)
  • Dorothy Simmons, ‘Living Like a Kelly’ (Vic)

Scribe received 352 manuscripts in total from writers ranging in age from 35 to 86, and we were very pleased to see the regional range of authors.

This year the prize money for the winner was increased to $15,000.

This longlist now goes to the judges of this year’s CAL Scribe Fiction Prize:

  • Blanche Clark, Books Editor at the Herald Sun;
  • Mark Rubbo, CEO of Readings bookstores; and
  • Aviva Tuffield, Fiction Acquisitions.

A shortlist will be announced in the new year and the winner in February 2011.

In 2009 Scribe launched the CAL Scribe Fiction Prize for an unpublished manuscript by an Australian writer aged 35 and over,regardless of publication history. Many writers only find the time and have acquired the life experience to write fiction later in life. This prize recognises that there are many examples of late bloomers when it comes to writers, certainly in terms of getting published. Youth is already celebrated in so many ways, and Scribe wants to support writers who are emerging or still going strong in their prime. It is Scribe’s intention that this prize will raise the profile of Australian fiction, demonstrate our commitment to local authors, and find a wonderful new voice and/or novel.

Scribe gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Copyright Agency Limited’s Cultural Fund.


  1. And the awards keep coming don’t they! We have some wonderful late bloomers in our recent history don’t we – Elizabeth Jolley, Olga Masters, Amy Witting to name a few. Funny how they are all women!


  2. Yes, I found this a very tantalising list because (of course) I don’t know any of the names and we have to wait until they are published before we can meet them.


    • The only possible name is John Hughes – but that’s a common name so I wondered. It says regardless of publishing history so it could be this fellow: Born 1961. We’ll just have to be patient…


      • I thought perhaps I might do a search for them online because so many aspriring writers have a blog but you’ve beaten me to it!


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