Posted by: Lisa Hill | January 24, 2011

Sensational Snippets: That Deadman Dance (2010), by Kim Scott

That Deadman DanceMost cunning of authors, Kim Scott has placed this snippet just where I felt the way he’s described it!

When Bobby Wabalanginy told the story, perhaps more than his own lifetime later, nearly all his listeners knew of books and of the language in them.  But not, as we do, that you can dive down deep into a book, and not know just how deep until you return gasping to the surface, and are surprised at yourself, your new and so very sensitive skin.  As if you’re someone else altogether, some new self trying on the words. (p86)

Author: Kim Scott
Title: That Deadman Dance
Publisher: Picador 2010
ISBN:9781405040433 (hardback first edition)
Source: Personal library, purchased from Benn’s Books $49.99

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