Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 3, 2011

Kim Scott wins Commonwealth Writers Prize for SE Asia and the Pacific

Congratulations to Kim Scott who has won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for South East Asia and the Pacific, for That Deadman Dance.  He is the first indigenous Australian ever to win the prize.


 See my review here.


  1. Congratulations, Kim Scott! Well deserved. Another victory for Australia’s literary canon. BTW Aboriginal author won the Commonwealth Prize Best First Book award in 2005 with her novel Home.


  2. Sorry, rushing to get to work. Meant to say Aboriginal Larissa Behrendt won the First Book category.


    • Thanks, Sue, and welcome to chatting about books on ANZ LitLovers.
      Behrendt’s name was familiar though I haven’t read her work, and I looked her up to find that Home -as well as winning Best First Book Award for SE Asian and the Pacific – also won the David Unaipon Award for Indigenous Writers and that she has written another novel called Legacy released in 2009.
      Two more to add to the TBR – thanks:)


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