Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 27, 2011

2011 Kibble and Dobbie Awards shortlist

And now the 2011 Kibble and Dobbie Awards for Women Writers shortlist!

Dobbie Encouragement Award

Lara Fergus – My Sister Chaos
G. L. Osborne – Come Inside see my review
Kristel Thornell – Night Street, see my review
Come InsideNight StreetMy Sister Chaos

Kibble Literary Award for Women Writers

Delia Falconer –Sydney: Haunted City
Annette Stewart – Barbara Hanrahan: A Biography
Brenda Walker – Reading by Moonlight

Sydney: Haunted CityBarbara Hanrahan: A BiographyReading by Moonlight

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 27 July 2011.

PS Isn’t this the already-existing award for women writers that the aggrieved are proposing should be created in the wake of the all-male Miles Franklin shortlist?


  1. I don’t recall hearing of these awards before. Maybe what is lacking in relation to these is the worlds high profile!


    • Hi Marg
      The Kibbles and Dobbies been around for a while, and have had some very high profile winners (see
      but – and it’s a strange thing indeed – from my Google search I find that those bloggers who’ve been bleating loudest about the Miles Franklin shortlist being an all-male list, and how we should have a local Orange prize for women, seem to have ignored this award shortlist altogether.


  2. I think the stella awards want be broad view than the Kibble awards ,at least that what women said on the book show podcast from ABC I heard ,if it work be good orange seems to have a good record on finding new writers in their shortlist and think that is what there basing Stella on ,all the best stu


    • Well, I’m all in favour of having plentiful awards if it helps writers to give up the day job…


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