Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 22, 2011

2011 Miles Franklin Literary Award winner – Kim Scott

That Deadman DanceThe winner of the 2011 Miles Franklin Award is Kim Scott for That Deadman Dance.

Will write more when I get home from the award ceremony!

Update: 10.45pm (high on excitement, Shelmerdine cabernet sauvignon and a lot of painkillers for a rather crook back so forgive the typos and terrible photography, ok?)

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I have had the most wonderful time.  What a thrill to meet the shortlisted writers, Chris Womersley, and Roger McDonald and the winner Kim Scott!  It was good to meet members of the Trust Board, and hear how carefully they manage the funds and safeguard Miles Franklin’s wishes.  I also met Michael Williams from the Wheeler Centre and Stephen Grimwade from the Melbourne Writers’ Festival, and lots of other interesting people too, booklovers all.

The State Library put on a splendid show (and a very nice dinner) and it was gorgeous to be in the this historic place celebrating the very best of Australian writing.  It was the first time ever that the award has been presented outside Sydney.   Aunty Joy Murphy made a moving Welcome to Country speech and John Cain (who’s on the State Library Board) explained bragged a little bit about the history of the library and Melbourne’s status as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Morag Fraser spoke from the heart about the importance of this award at a time when our universities are not bothering to introduce their students to the riches of Australian writing, and all the speakers celebrated Miles Franklin as a woman who enriched our literary culture with her generous bequest.

Jill Roe who wrote the definitive biography about Miles Franklin was there too, but *wistful smile* I was too bashful to go and say hello.

Special thanks to The Spouse who uploaded my prepared blog post at home as soon as I texted through the news so that he knew which one to publish.  We scooped the ABC by 15 minutes!!

PS (the next day)
The new official website for the Miles Franklin Award is now live.  Have a look – it’s a very classy site!

PPS (A bit later the same day)

Amy Whittaker (the MF publicist who organised my invitation to the presentation – thank you so, so much, Amy!) – has sent me the official announcement, click the link to read it.


Fishpond That Deadman Dance
Readings eBook That Deadman Dance


  1. Excellent news, Lisa. I’ve had this book earmarked for awhile due to your review.

    Enjoy the ceremony!


    • You can get it as an eBook now, Kim. See the Readings link…


      • Sadly, it’s territory protected, which means I can’t buy the eBook from the UK.


  2. Thanks Lisa for this inside scoop and I can assume you are posting as the action is unfolding. Have a great evening!


    • It was hilarious, Jenny. I’d written 3 posts beforehand, and given The Spouse a quick lesson in how to publish a post for when I texted through the winner. When the award was about to be announced, every one of us on our table had the mobile phone primed and ready to go. I only had to type 8 letters, and Tim hit Publish! Two Tweeters with very quick fingers beat me to to it, but – thanks to Tim, I think ANZ LitLovers was first in the blogosphere! I really wanted to be able to do this for my readers because there have been so many years when I have had to wait until the *next day* before I found out who the winner was, and it was very frustrating.


  3. Yay! A deserving winner. If you get a chance, give Kim a pat on the back for me!!!


    • He’s a lovely man, Troy, and yes, a deserving winner, but Roger McDonald and Chris Womersley are lovely fellas too, and I hope everybody buys their books as well.


  4. Lisa – that was such a great post!! Love the photos, too – such fun!


  5. Great post Lisa … and love the photos. Kim Scott is pretty impressive isn’t he (or, at least, that’s how he comes across in interviews I’ve seen/heard).


    • Yes, I think so too. I wonder what he will write next? He said that while he’s working on other writing projects at the moment, he doesn’t have another novel under way.


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