Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 22, 2011

Save Christina Stead’s house!

I don’t usually get involved in politics here on my blog, but readers, if you care about Australia’s literary history, please take a moment to sign the petition to save Christina Stead’s house.

Anyone who’s tramped the streets of London enjoying those little blue plaques celebrating British literary and cultural history knows what a tourism bonus these beloved literary shrines are – but here in Australia you’re more likely to find a statue of a footballer than you are to find any trace of our literary heritage.  It is a matter of national shame that we did not save the house of our only Nobel prize winner Patrick White, so let’s not have it happen again with another of our great writers, eh?

Thanks to Susan Johnson for alerting me to this issue.



  1. Oh, good for you Lisa. DKS/Pykk commented on my blog about this when I was in Japan a few weeks ago. I did a quick search then but was on the road and so didn’t follow through. It’s a beautiful house too … I’ll certainly sign the petition.


  2. Great alert! Thanks.


  3. Thanks for the alert.. and for so many of you signing our petition!
    Please alert other:


  4. This the one that the footballer owns ? Heard it on abc podcast over day such shame great writers house should be saved ,all the best


  5. Thanks so much Lisa — the signatures are multiplying!
    Warmest, Susan


  6. Long may Australia’s cultural heritage flourish! I am signer 238


  7. Signed … check.
    Tweeted … check.


  8. Thank you everyone who’s signed, tweeted and otherwise supported this campaign. Here’s hoping….


  9. […] in a recent comment on this blog, and Lisa of ANZLitlovers, in a post last week, have brought to my attention the threat to Christina Stead‘s home, Boongarre, in Watsons […]


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