Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 15, 2011

New books on the TBR

Holidays for a week or two means there’s more time

  • to read book blogs inciting me to buy more books
  • to visit enticing bookshops ( Benns Books in Bentleigh, Readings and soon-to-be-closed Readers’ Feast)
  • to scour the Op Shops for treasure
  • to enter a competition (that bio of Manning Clark) and
  • to discover $5 bargains at shops remaindering books from the RedGroup fallout.

Now all I need is another fortnight to

  • reorganise the bookshelves to make room for them
  • read some of them!

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  1. Love your shelves Lisa. You would love a visit to my house and me to yours. My issue is where in a smaller coastal house am I going to shelves the walls of books I have been able to house here in this aging dusty station homestead in the outback!


    • I can’t imagine what I’d do if I had to move house!
      I wonder if there’s an opportunity for an entrepeneur to set up storage libraries for people like us? Similar to those ones that provide storage for wine collections and don’t have a cellar at home….


  2. Sounds like a perfect holiday for you Lisa.


    • *chuckle* Every holiday is a perfect holiday!


  3. That Hilary Mantel looks daunting.


  4. Wolf Hall looked daunting too, Guy, but it turned out to be a super book so I’m looking forward to this one.


  5. That’s quite a haul! The Coffee Story has caught my attention too. I plan to read it eventually.


    • I know, Margaret, I am quite shamelss about books. It’s my only extravagance, but it is a bit of a big one.
      But now I can’t remember where I heard about The Coffee Story…was it the Readings eNewsletter?


      • I think it was the Readings newsletter or blog that I saw something about it initially.


  6. Oooh, I see you have “Nothing to Envy” in the pile. I loved that when I read it last year.

    Have a great holiday!!


    • Oh ho! You are the culprit who made me buy it!


      • Woops! Sorry about that.

        It did win the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction — which is how I came to know about it.

        This year the award has gone to a similar book, this time about Mao’s China. I bought a Kindle version and will read it soonish.


        • I really do want to read more about Asia, preferably by Asian writers, though that’s not always easy for those living in places that deny freedom of speech. (Which alas is most of Asia, even its democracies). Did you see that Liao Yiwu, the Chinese author of The Corpse Walkers that I blogged about a little while back ( has had to abandon China and go to Europe for his own safety?


  7. some great books lisa ,a few I like to read the oz and gordimer are books I want to read ,all the best stu


  8. Don’t be daunted by the length of ‘A Place of Greater Safety’- it’s absolutely fabulous!


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