Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 15, 2011

Gifts for Booklovers

I hope you can see how gorgeous these cards are, and the little bookmark peeping out behind the back as well.  They are hand-made by a dear friend of mine , Chele, and I have just received my second batch in the mail.  My sister loved Alice in Wonderland as a child and she loves receiving cards and bookmarks with this theme (though other book-loving friends have been lucky enough to receive one as well from time to time.)

If you like them and want to buy some of your own, you need to keep an eye on Chele’s website.  Here’s the link, but I’m sorry, you can’t buy the Alice in Wonderland ones because I’ve already bought them all!


  1. there beautiful ,lisa I like anything book related like these ,all the best stu


  2. Gorgeous gift cards Lisa. I love the detail in them. And your friend has an inspiring website!


    • There’s a thought, Steph – I know you don’t like doing things to order, but how about some lovely ceramics on a bookish theme?


      • Now that is an inspiring idea Lisa! I can ‘see’ some special teapots happening!

        I just started to Google ‘Artists Trading Cards’ thanks to this Post of yours and was enchanted and absolutely captivated by the concept. Perhaps I can work up some ceramic painted ‘cards’ as well??


        • Nice idea. I’ve seen a couple of fancy glass bookmarks (glass threaded through with a thick cord with a tail on the end) but I’ve never seen a ceramic version with a bookish symbol or character on it.
          What I’d love as well is one of your gorgeous delicate plates to display on my new book shelf units.


  3. Great gift idea! It can be so hard to find gifts for book lovers or “people who have everything”. Thanks for the recommendation!


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