Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 27, 2011

2011 Age Book of the Year Winner

Indelible Ink
Indelible Ink, by Fiona McGregor has won the coveted Age Book of the Year award.  See my review, and Jason Steger’s interview with the author.

The novel was also shortlisted for the 2011 Barbara Jefferis Award, the 2010 Indie Book Awards 2010 and the Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards 2011.

The shortlisted books, with links to my reviews, are here.

Availability: Fishpond Indelible Ink or Scribe.


  1. Really….? Have to admit I really wasnt a fan of this book, but then there is a reason why I am not deciding who should read these awards. It was just too slow for me. I kept waiting for something to happen and by the end I was skimming it.


    • I agree, it wouldn’t have been my pick either. To me it read a bit like a variation on The Slap…


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