Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 30, 2011

Book Giveaway winner: Foal’s Bread, by Gillian Mears

Foal's Bread

Thank you to all those people who’ve been waiting patiently for this book giveaway.  I’ve been tied up with the Melbourne Writers’ Festival and other distractions, but tonight’s the night!

Using I’ve generated winners in three categories to win the six copies of Gillian Mears’ new book Foal’s BreadI will forward the name and address of the winner to Allen & Unwin and they will post the book to you.  Please remember that if I don’t already have your postal address, it is a condition of entry that you contact me within 10 days.  If you don’t get in touch, then I will re-draw that category to draw a new winner.

First, the winner of the ‘subscribers to this blog’ category was Sue from Whispering Gums.  Sue, I already have your postal address, so you don’t need to contact me.

Secondly, the two winners of the ‘people who’ve previously commented on this blog’ are Karen Lee Thompson and Helen Baker from New Zealand. Karen, I already have your postal addresses so you don’t need to contact me, but Helen, you do.

Thirdly, the three winners of the remaining category are Miriam, Cristina and Marlene.   Please make sure you contact me by Friday September 9th with your postal address so that you don’t miss out.

Many thanks to Allen and Unwin for providing these six copies of the book.

Commiserations to those who missed out this time.  If you’d still like to read the book (and I hope you do!) click here to pre-order Foal’s Bread from Fishpond, or from Allen and Unwin online available from November 1st.


  1. Thanks very much Lisa! And thanks to Allen and Unwin. I am looking forward to reading Foal’s Bread.


  2. Whoopee doo, thanks Lisa (and Allen and Unwin). I look forward to reading another book by Mears.


  3. What a thrill Lisa. Thank you, but what do I need to do next. I am a novice at this as you know. :)


  4. Hi Lisa I have e-mailed my address to you. Please confirm if it reaches you.

    Regards Helen.


  5. Thank you Lisa, Allen & Unwin for supplying and running this give away I’m looking forward to reading it. I have sent you my address hope you got it O.K. Thanks again.

    Excited and very greatfull,


  6. Hi again Lisa. After a weekend of hard work it was lovely to arrive home to new book on the doorstep. Foal’s Bread has arrived safely and I look forward to reading it soon.



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