Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 8, 2011

Vale Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg

Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, died yesterday.

All of us who regularly  use Project Gutenberg to access old and hard-to-find eTexts owe this man a debt of gratitude for seeing the potential of the project and making it happen.  Apparently most of the early works were typed in by Hart himself: today an international team of volunteers continues his work.

His legacy is an international community of readers brought together by a love of literature we could not otherwise access.




  1. Gosh, I’m sad to hear that. Vale, Michael Hart – and thank you.


  2. Thank you Lisa for keeping us all informed.
    What a wonderful legacy Michael Hart has left to us.


  3. It is very sad news he brought classics to everyone I used it a lot when my e reader worked and will when I get a new one all the best stu


    • What’s this about an eReader not working, Stu? Which brand was it?


      • It was a Sony my own fault something bump on screen whilst in my work bag , hoping to get a kindle at Christmas all the best stu


        • I hope Santa brings you one!


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