Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 3, 2011


Sorry about those last two posts, I’ve just set up Windows Live to blog from a conference I’m attending and I messed up which blog to publish to!
Put it down to a blonde moment….
Lisa *grin*


  1. Personally, I was pleased about your error. Being an email subscriber, I got to read those posts which I would not normally have seen and I found them very interesting.


  2. I was interested too.


  3. LOL Lisa, interesting but!


  4. I believe nowadays that’s known as a Burnside … :p


    • Huh? Why? What/who is a Burnside?



    How did you miss that particular tempest-in-a-tea-cup? ;)


    • *chuckle* You’d be amazed how much trivia can be by-passed if you ignore TV and what passes for newspapers these days and stick to reading intelligent commentary online instead!


  6. Oh so *that’s* how you do it! Because I’ve wondered how many actual hours you have in your day … ;)


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