Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 7, 2011

ANZ LitLovers new domain & URL

You might not have noticed, but the domain name for ANZ LitLovers has changed: will still arrive here because there’s an automatic redirect function from WordPress, but you may wish to update your bookmarks or – if you have kindly added a link from here to your own blog, to update the link.  My new domain name and URL is now


PS One downside is that my Google page ranking which was 5 has vanished, presumably because it doesn’t recognise the new domain!  I hope it comes back one day…


  1. Good for you Lisa … was this hard to do? I’ve been wondering about doing it myself.


    • Oh, and I have updated my blogroll link.


    • No, not hard. There was one of those WP messages suggesting I should do it (not the first time I’ve seen one) and when I clicked on the link all I had to do was provide some basic ID info and hand over the money. WP did everything automatically:)


      • Ah, I wondered … saw the link, clicked and then got cold feet. Will think about it more …


  2. Update done. Thanks, I hadn’t noticed there was a change


  3. oh I ve notice one for mine ,so may sway at some point ,all th best stu


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