Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 29, 2011

The Cook (2011), by Wayne Macauley

The CookRemember that riveting book Under the Skin by Michael Faber?  A macabre mystery that by covenant amongst reviewers kept its dark secret quiet so that each reader could experience the shock?  I hope The Cook receives the same respect because it’s so brilliantly done, it would be a shame to have it spoiled by careless reviews.

How best, then, to review it here?  Carefully, carefully.  Enough to entice you to find a copy and read it, not enough to spoil it….

Well then, it’s the story of Zac, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks here in Melbourne, who is given a second chance by the justice system.  He goes to Cook School, a sort of boot camp for cooks, where others come and go but he learns to dream of a better life.  He aspires now not to be a mere cook, but a chef, and a cordon bleu chef at that, with his own restaurant serving the very rich.  And, as the blurb tells the reader, ‘he thinks he’s on his way when he gets a job as a house cook for a wealthy family’.

For foodies (like me) there is lots of fascinating writing about the world of haute cuisine, with occasionally disconcerting more-than-you-want-to-know detail about how the delicacy gets to the plate.  (I’m not a vegetarian, but my concerns about animal welfare (particularly intensive farming and the transport of livestock) make me choosy ‘difficult’ about what I will eat).  But that’s not all that’s disconcerting.  As I read, enjoying the tale, other elements of the plot begin to bother me.  Isn’t it a bit odd that Zac’s relationships are so disposable?  Isn’t it exploitation when the family doesn’t……?  Hasn’t ambition gone a bit far when Zac….?   What is this author up to??

The Cook is a droll satire that could only have been written in our times.  It’s a dark parable that deserves to race up international best-seller lists.

I have one of Macauley’s previous books on the TBR, Blueprints for a Barbed-wire CanoeI bought it when it was on the Year 12 reading list a few years ago because I was intrigued by the title, but hadn’t got round to reading it.  I certainly will now! (Update: see my review of Blueprints here).

Wayne Macauley blogs here.

Author: Wayne Macauley
Title: The Cook
Publisher: Text Publishing 2011
ISBN: 9781921758690
Source: Review copy courtesy of Text Publishing


Direct from Text Publishing Online
Fishpond: The Cook


  1. I’ve heard several people gushing about this book. I’m not sure how I’d like it with my middle-aged, middle-class squeamishness about where our food comes from. Still, I’d like to take a peek at one stage.


    • Noooo, Louise, you would love it. Demand a copy for Xmas!


  2. Great review Lisa…and your mention of Christmas (which I’ve been trying hard not to think about) has made me think I will put this on my wish list.


    • *chuckle* Sorry, Karen, it just slipped out. Xmas is always such a lot of work for women, eh?


  3. Sounds like a great book. Alas, it looks like its ANZ only at the moment. I have a few food related novels on my blog and enjoy the detail of the raw materials too


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  13. I read this over New Year and I absolutely loved it – but those poor lambs! I’m glad your review didn’t spoil it for me Lisa – I definitely didn’t see THAT end coming!

    I’d rank this as the most thoroughly enjoyable read of 2021 for me!


    • Ha ha, it made me laugh just reading your comment!
      I hope he has another book out soon, I have a feeling that he is one of the few writers who could make great satire out of the pandemic.


      • I kept laughing all the way through it Lisa – it’s an absolute gem and I’ve recommended it to friends everywhere! The satire on class was superb (on top of everything else) – and I would have hated to have that ending exposed before I read the book!

        A pure joy to read!

        Liked by 1 person

        • That’s the trouble with a blog like this, I absolutely could not say anything to reveal the ending, but I love it when someone who’s read it can share the joke!


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