Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 8, 2011

Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize 2011

Exciting news!

The Man Asian Literary Prize is gaining in stature around the world, and so a team of keen readers of Asian books in translation has been formed to bring you reviews of all the longlisted titles.

The longlist was announced last week and the shortlist will be revealed in January.  The winner will be announced in March.

The winning author is awarded USD 30,000 and the translator (if any) USD 5,000.

Our Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize 2011 blogging team consists of

Reviews to the shortlisted titles will soon be appearing on these blogs, and each blogger will post to advise you of the latest reviews on the other blogs.

If possible, we will try to select a shadow winner but given that there are availability issues with at least one of the titles, this may not be possible.

We are indebted to Kevin from Canada for the concept of a Shadow Jury.

If you are not already subscribed, join up now so that you don’t miss anything!


  1. What a great idea! I’m looking forward to the reviews already.


  2. Fabulous!! Will follow closely.


  3. Such a terrific idea! I’ll be checking back regularly :)


  4. Have you also considered the DSC Prize South Asian Literature. It’s a new but significant prizw which focuses on writing based on the South Asian region but is not author ethnicity driven.


    • Hello Viduski, welcome to chatting about books on the ANZ LitLovers blog:)
      I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of this prize. Is there a website with details about it?


      • Yes. You should visit and

        this is a new prize, only in its second year at the moment, but it’s definitely something to look out for!


        • Hello again Vidushi, this is great, thanks for letting me know about this. I certainly will be keeping an eye on it.
          Actually, Vidushi, you might be able to help me with something else…I have hunted around online for a blog that reviews contemporary Indian literature (not popular fiction) without success. Do you have any suggestions?


  5. thanks for picking me lisa and bringing this together ,all the best stu


    • I know I speak for everyone, Stu, when I say that I am delighted to have the Blogging King of Translated Fiction as part of the team. Nobody else knows translated fiction like you do!


  6. I will be looking forward to all the Shadow Jurors’ thoughts — welcome to the Shadow Prize world :-) .


  7. Thanks Lisa!


  8. […] Prize has been announced! The Shadow Jury is made up of the wonderful bloggers: Whispering Gums, ANZ LitLovers, Winston’s Dad, Read,Ramble, and A Novel […]


  9. Fascinating stuff – what a great idea. I await the outcome with interest!


    • Hi Tom, thanks for dropping by:)
      I saw from your blog that you’ve read IQ84 so you’re ahead of me there!


  10. […] Ghosh’s River of Smoke, I predict that we will have a tough time choosing a winner for our Shadow Man Asian Literary Award, and so will the official jury.  It’s a great story by a master story-teller, and like the […]


  11. These shadow juries are wonderful. I will be following your progress now that Ghana Lit Week is over. Good luck with the project.


    • Thanks, Kinna, I just hope we haven’t been too ambitious!


  12. […] Shadow Jury is working its way through the 12-title longlist.  The 5-member jury is coordinated by ANZ Litlovers LitBlog and Whispering […]


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