Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 25, 2011

McCulloch’s Contemporary Aboriginal Art The Complete Guide (2008) by Susan McCulloch and Emily McCulloch Childs

McCulloch's Contemporary Aboriginal Art: The Complete GuideReaders may remember that when I posted a review of the biography of the Central Desert artist Yulyurlu Lorna Fencer Naparrurla, and more recently about Aboriginal art in Victoria in Meerreeng-an – Here is My Country,  I admitted that I knew not enough about Aboriginal art and wanted to learn more.  Well,  Santa was listening and he came today with a copy of McCulloch’s Contemporary Aboriginal Art: The Complete Guide by Susan McCulloch and Emily McCulloch Childs – and it is just what I wanted.

It will take me a good while to work my way through it because it’s very comprehensive, but there will be a review here eventually, I promise.

Enjoy the festive season wherever you are, best wishes, everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas to you too Lisa. Glad that you got just what you wanted. I was very pleased to receive Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending today. It was my only book present, but given the rather lumbering nature of the TBR that’s ok.


    • Hi Louise, that’s a lovely book by all accounts, I hope you enjoy it!


  2. Merry Christmas, Lisa! Sounds like a gorgeous book! I didn’t get any book loot (it’s too dangerous, I own too many myself), but I get money to be spent towards books *only*. I buy most of my ANZLitLovers reads out of that

    Of course, while shopping for presents, I did buy myself Colson Whitehead’s “Zone One”, which is a literary zombie novel. I hope to find some time to read it soon!

    Merry Christmas, again!


    • Hi Tania, I got a couple of vouchers that I can spend on books too so I’ve done really well this year!
      I’ve never tried a zombie novel…though I’m starting to wonder if Murakami’s 1Q84 is a zombie novel in disguise…


  3. I’m late but I hope you had a happy Christmas.




    • Hi Emma, I was late too, Xmas seemed to get away from me this year. But now it’s all done, and we had a lovely time (with lots of nice loot *grin*) and now I can spend a day or two loafing about with books until it’s time to get ready for New Year!


  4. Sounds like you’re now relaxing into the festive season, following the pre-Christmas stress. Enjoy the rest of your celebrations and hope you get plenty of reading time :)



    • You too, Sarah! I bet it’s nice to snuggle up by the fire with a good book:)


  5. Season’s greetin’s, and I’ll think of you dodging those hailstones that were as big as a twenty-cent piece, or a golfball, or a dog’s head, or a semi-trailer, depending on the newspaper I read.


    • *chuckle*, ah, how the media do love a wild weather story on a slow news day!
      There were no hailstones where I live. Melbourne is so spread-out the weather in different sectors can be as different as it is between Ashford and Calais. We’re 20 km away from the CBD in the southern suburbs near the bay; that dramatic weather was over in the northwest suburbs, 40 km from the CBD where wind and weather can roll in from the western plains with nothing to break a storm’s path. They got over 4 inches of rain, we got 1.5, just enough to fill our water tanks nicely.


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