Posted by: Lisa Hill | January 1, 2012

2011 ANZ LitLovers Australian Book of the Year

That Deadman DanceI’m not posting a list of best books for 2011 because the Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize team has yet to make its choice and I don’t want to preempt any decision-making…

However, I am sharing my choice of the ANZ LitLovers Australian Book of the Year because – although I read many excellent books in 2011 – nothing I read last year can dislodge this one from its place at the top of my list.  It’s not just Book of the Year, it’s Book of the Decade, IMO, and it’s the best book I read from anywhere not just Australia.

The ANZ LitLovers Australian Book of the Year is That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott.

This book has won a swag of awards including the Miles Franklin Award (which I predicted back in January 2011 when I first read the book) ; the Victorian Premier’s Prize; the Western Australian Premier’s Prize for Fiction, the Commonwealth Writers Prize for SE Asia and the Pacific, the ALS Gold Medal and the 2011 Victorian Prize for Literature.

You can read my review here, a Sensational Snippet here, Kim’s contribution to the ANZ LitLovers Meet an Aussie Author series  or listen to Kim Scott talking about the genesis of the book at YouTube:

This magnificent book deserves international recognition.  Spread the word!

Author: Kim Scott
Title: That Deadman Dance
Publisher: Picador 2010
ISBN: 9781405040433 (hardback)

Availability: That Deadman Dance  ((hb) or That Deadman Dance (pb) (Fishpond) or here for eBooks). 


  1. Good for you Lisa … ’twas a good book and worthy or wider readership.


  2. Hi Lisa, I have ‘Benang’ on my shelf (another by Kim Scott) wondering whether to give it a go, have you had time to read? Value your opinion. Julie


    • Hello Julie – and welcome! I have read Benang, and thought it was excellent. I read it ages ago but I constructed a review out of my reading journal and blogged it here, see
      I hope you enjoy it too:)


  3. I thought it was excellent as well! Definitely one of my top reads for the year. Mum’s currently reading my copy, and she’s recognising it as Albany, so while I wasn’t sure of that whole side of it (geographical and historical accuracy; and unsure only because I knew nothing about the area/history), Mum reckons it’s completely spot on.


    • Tania, how lucky you are to have a mother who shares your love of reading! I used to love talking about books with my father but now he lives so far away, we do it by mail – but it’s not the same *sigh*


  4. Wow – when a book comes this highly recommended, I have to move it to the TOP of my wish list. Thanks for the tip!


    • Gosh, Debbie – how are you going to fit it into all those Challenges you’re doing?


  5. Yep. I’m with you on this one, absolutely.


  6. I m hoping to read this later ion year have been in contact with the uk publisher to get a early copy hopefully I m looking forward to it ,all the best stu


    • Can you please tweet it when it arrives, Stu? This book really should have international recognition and I was amazed that it wasn’t shortlisted for the Booker.


  7. I really need to read this and soon. I think it will make the shortlist of the IMPAC. All the best.


  8. […] help it; the book was on most of Australia’s award lists) and she eventually crowned it the  ANZ LitLovers Australian Book of the Year.  Kim Scott is one of Australia’s finest writers and the few Aussie books that I’ve read have […]


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