Posted by: Lisa Hill | January 23, 2012

‘Classics Going to Waste’ by Michael Heyward

In a terrific article in The Age entitled ‘Classics Going to Waste’, Michael Heyward from Text Publishing argues that something should be done about the way Australian Classic literature is neglected:

‘We put our books and writers on the high shelf of the past, where we forget  about them. Imagine if our art galleries  decided to banish the works of Brett  Whiteley or Fred Williams to their darkened basements. Not for a year or two,  but a decade or two. That’s what we routinely do to so many significant writers  whose books are out of print’.

It’s wonderful news to read that many of our brilliant books of the past are going to be reissued by Text in their Text Classics series.

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  1. A wonderful idea – especially in a country where books are usually double the price…


  2. Thanks for the heads up on this series!!! Can’t wait to see the full list of what they’re releasing.


  3. I can’t tell you how often I have been amazed and shocked to discover wonderful, exceptional, often prize-winning books out of stock so “Cheers” to Text for their endeavours and hats off to you Lisa for the wonderful work you do as an Ambassador for Australian Literature.


  4. I was shocked when I couldn’t find herbert pooor fellow my country which is a book I want to read and considered a australian classic hope they publish some more classic need to be in print ,all the best stu


    • Well, I’d hang out for that one as an eBook, Stu, it’s nearly 100o pages long and the postage would be a lot on a whopper like that!


  5. […] Heyward is right to say that Aussie Classics ‘are going to waste’.  The Battlers is an example of the kind of Aussie Classic that more readers could be seeking […]


  6. […] seems like only yesterday that I was getting all excited about the launch of the Text Classics series, and yet here we are in 2016 and Text is about to launch its 100th title in the series.  […]


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