Posted by: Lisa Hill | February 11, 2012

Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize in the news!

Our Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize Jury gets a mention at the Shortlist Press Conference!  (Held simultaneously at the Man Group offices in Hong Kong and London on January 10 2012).

It starts at about 14 minutes in:


  1. I’m delighted that your Shadow Jury efforts have been officially recognized — you and your fellow jurors certainly deserve it. I have been following your thoughts with much interest (although I’ve made very few comments) and will be getting to a couple of the short-listed books eventually. Many thanks to all of the Shadow Jury.


  2. I have been following the comments and reviews as well and have been astounded at the incredible amount of hard work that you have all put in. There seems little doubt that some of the books have proved challenging to review. It was very interesting to listing to this Q&A and wonderful to finish on such a high note with the mention of the Shadow Jury. Well done!


  3. Hi Kevin – our Shadow team was all your idea! I’ll be sure to mention that again when we do the wrap-up at the end of our deliberations. (Not long to go now, deadline for all team members to have their rankings ready is very soon, and then let the argy-bargy begin!)

    Karen, what I liked most about this mention at the press conference (apart from *self-deprecating grin* international fame for our little team LOL) was the Chairman’s obvious delight about what we have done. He seemed genuinely pleased that this fledgling prize competing for recognition in the literary world had reached out in this way.


  4. WE’RE FAMOUS!! Time to crack open the champagne!


  5. I feel like some sort of literary guerrilla.


    • That might come in handy if there’s warfare over our choices LOL


  6. great news lovewly to see it mentioned ,all the best stu


  7. Well done everyone – well deserved :)


  8. This is very similar to the comments I had from the local bookshop, Lisa. Well done!


  9. Shadow! Very dark! Love it. It’s great that they appreciate what we are doing rather than seeing us as upstarts! Thanks for suggesting it Lisa (and Matt).


    • Upstarts?! It never occurred to me that they would think that! We are helping to promote their prize!


      • Oh, you know me, always a little self-conscious and not sure whether others will see things the same way! But, you’re right.


        • I’m very proud of our team, and I bet the authors whose books we’ve been promoting are pleased too.


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