Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 16, 2012

Man Asian Literary Prize winner 2011

The winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize 2011 was announced tonight in Hong Kong, and the book the judges chose was

Kyung-sook Shin – Please Look After Mom.


  1. so much good stuff out there and they pick this. Next!!


    • *chuckle* One million Koreans and a Prize jury can’t be wrong!


  2. Angry.


    • Oh Tony, it happens with every prize. At the end of the day it always boils down to personal taste, and there’s always going to be one here and there that for one reason or another seems to be a moment of madness from the judges.
      The best way to deal with it, IMO, is to go on doing what you’re doing: writing interesting, intelligent reviews that are honest and fair. Readers soon work out which online reviews they can trust…


  3. Isn’t this the book picked by your shadow jury Lisa? You must be giving yourself and fellow jurors a little pat on the back for getting it right, and in your inaugural year.


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