Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 11, 2012

Queensland Literary Awards

As most readers probably know by now, the Queensland Premier has seen fit to abolish the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards.

But (apart from the fact that the David Unaipon Award for Unpublished Indigenous Writing isn’t his to abolish anyway) the Queensland literary community has rallied to ensure that Queensland remains part of the literary culture of Australia and the Queensland Literary Awards will go ahead, with or without his $245,000.

So, please, please, spread the word to authors and publishers, the closing date for submissions is 6th May 2012, and you can find out more on their website.

For more information or to offer support, you can contact the interim coordinators Matt Condon and Krissy Kneen at


  1. nice they come up with a award to replace it such shame when awards disappear ,all the best stu


    • Stu, I have no doubt that the Premier’s award will be reinstated in due course, either when this premier realises that the award’s symbolic value makes it imperative to do so or when there’s a change of government.


  2. Have posted a link to this on Facebook I have a few Aussie authors who are friends – so the word will get out :)


  3. […] Hill of ANZLitLovers advises that the awards will be made with or without prize money and provides the link for […]


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