Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 9, 2012

2012 Victorian Premier’s Awards Shortlist

The 2012  Victorian Premier’s Awards Shortlist has been announced:

Prize for Fiction

Prize for Non-Fiction

Prize for Writing for Young Adults

Prize for Poetry

Prize for Drama

  • National Interest, Aidan Fennessy
  • A Golem Story, Lally Katz
  • Boxman, Daniel Keene

Availability: Click the links on the titles.

To vote for your choice, visit the Wheeler Centre awards pages.

Congratulations to all the authors and publishers!


  1. Are you game to take a punt on who the fiction winner will be Lisa?


    • It’s not often that I’ve read them all. I’m really pleased to see Carrie Tiffany and Wayne Macaulay getting recognition, this has been one of those years when some really deserving books have been swamped by others. But picking the winner? No, I’m not game!


  2. It’s great to see The Cook getting some positive attention, I thought it was a fantastic book but it seems to have been largely overlooked in the prizes game.


    • Yes, I thought so too. Dare I say it, but many fine books by male authors have been overlooked this year…


      • Ooooh! Dare you say it indeed! I can’t believe how little attention The Street Sweeper seems to have had. I thought it was one of the most powerful and compassionate Australian books I’ve ever read.


        • Yes, and Mark Dapin’s Spirit House was brilliant writing which should have won something, and The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey was as well. Carey’s sales will take care of themselves, but I’d have liked Spirit House to get the attention it deserves.


          • I was actually deeply underwhelmed by the Carey. But I’ll check out Spirit House.


            • I hadn’t liked anything by Carey for a while – had given up on him really, bought his books but never got round to reading them – but I liked the craziness of The Chemistry of Tears. It took me back to Oscar and Lucinda which was the first Carey I read.


              • Oscar & Lucinda is my favourite Carey. I was really attached to those characters unlike the characters in TCOT. I also really liked Theft.


  3. What have they got against ‘The Street Sweeper’? I am frankly stumped – it is a wonderful book, and while I haven’t read much Aussie fiction this year, I find it extremely hard to believe that there are a whole host of better books eligible…


    • I couldn’t agree more.


      • I think they always ignore non-Australian content in these competitions


  4. Tony, there was a very nasty review of The Street Sweeper in the US (I can’t remember which one now and I wouldn’t want anyone to go Googling for it anyway) and until local commentary on Twitter made him delete the post the review was promoted on the blog of one of Australia’s prominent reviewers (and a rival author, as many of them are) . Perhaps the US review was motivated by US outrage at the temerity of an outsider i.e. an Aussie novelist daring to critique American racism? There was also a foul newspaper competition at the time to find the most virulent review so perhaps the US reviewer was hoping to be a contender for that award? Whatever the reason – it can’t have been the book itself, it’s too good for that – the damage was done. Poor Perlman, he is such a great author but his Seven Types of Ambiguity (IMO his best book) copped a similar savaging from Peter Craven of all people, and that was influential in Australia though it didn’t stop the book winning all kinds of international awards.


    • I’m so sorry to hear that. It deserves to be read without that kind of defensiveness.


    • I didn’t know that. Horrible :(


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