Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 16, 2012

Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2012

Tonight I attended the presentation of the 2012 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, and am pleased to share the following news:

Prize for Fiction

The winner was Foal’s Bread, Gillian Mears, see my review

The shortlisted titles were

Prize for Non-Fiction

The winner was The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia, Bill Gammage (on my TBR) This book also won the Victorian Prize for Literature.

The shortlisted titles were

Prize for Writing for Young Adults

The winner was  Shadow Girl, by John Larkin

The shortlisted titles were

Prize for Poetry

The winner was Armour, John Kinsella

The shortlisted collections were

Prize for Drama

The winner was A Golem Story by Lally  Katz

The shortlisted plays were

  • National Interest by Aidan Fennessy (which won the People’s Choice award)
  • Boxman by Daniel Keene


  1. well I ve one of these lisa I had the cook arrive this week and fact it had nick cave quote on cover I ll be reading it ,all the best stu


  2. You’ll enjoy it Stu!


  3. I’m glad to see Foal’s Bread doing well, I thought it was a great book!


    • I get a bit torn by these decisions: I like the very best book to win, but I also like to see awards spread around because they can do so much good in terms of supporting authors financially. I like books to win when they are bracve and adventurous and challenging, but I also like books to win if they are more accessible because it helps to secure funding for them when ‘the public’ support them. I’m glad I don’t have to do the choosing!


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