Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 12, 2012

2012 Australian and New Zealand titles on the IMPAC Longlist

I am delighted to see so many titles from Australia and New Zealand on the IMPAC longlist, and even more pleased to see that I have already reviewed most of them!

What the Family Needed by Steve Amsterdam, see my review

Estuary by Sam Bunny (Fishpond doesn’t seem to stock this)

Spirit of Progress by Steven Carroll, see my review and a Sensational Snippet

Wulf by Hamish Clayton (NZ), see my review, and a Sensational Snippet

All That I Am by Anna Funder, see my review and a Sensational Snippet

Sarah Thornhill by Kate Grenville, see my review

Five Bells by Gail Jones, see Kim’s review at Reading Matters and one from Kevin from Canada.

The Larnachs by Owen Marshall

Foal’s Bread by Gillian Mears, see my review

Autumn Laing by Alex Miller, see my review

Cold by Frank Moorhouse, see my review

Rangatira by Paula Morris (NZ), on my TBR because the ANZLL bookgroup has scheduled it for 2013.

Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett, see my review

The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman, see my review

The Conductor by Sarah Quigley (NZ)

Links on the titles are to Fishpond.

Congratulations to everyone!

PS Let me know if I’ve missed any…


  1. It’s a *very* longlist ;)

    Oh, and our favourite Korean book also made it :(


    • Yeah, I saw that.
      Oh well…


  2. it has been a bumper year for Australian books this year I fell ,all the best stu


  3. Great Lisa … thanks for doing all that work of separating them out for us. There’s a couple there I hadn’t heard of – the Bunny and the Marshall. So many to keep up with!


    • I’ve just reserved some of the ones I hadn’t read at the library via Z-portal inter-library loan.


      • Oh good for you … you are so conscientious about all these new books. I’m impressed. Somehow, I seem to be finding little time to read these days … pulled in too many directions. Excuses, excuses, eh?


        • *chuckle* It’s because you’re ‘retired’. All my friends who are retired have too much to do!


          • It is you know … because you have so much free time you fill it up with so many things you want to do and then demands appear as well, offers of jobs, trips away, and time whizzes by even though you go to bed later cos you don’t have to go to work!


  4. I think Canada just nipped Australia — the National Post says 19 Canadian titles are on the list. Now if we add the two together, that does mean than Australia and Canada are the source of more than 20 per cent of the titles :-).

    And I have to admit that you top me on the number reviewed — by my count, I’ve only reviewed seven of the Canadian titles.

    On a more prosaic note, I would observe that — since the “longlist” comes from titles nominated by libraries without any other screening — both Australia and Canada seem to have very healthy library systems, a good sign in these times.


    • Indeed yes, and *touch wood* there doesn’t seem to be any suggestion that we should be closing them as in the UK and US.


  5. The IMPAC list is a VERY long list! It is great to see so many good books on there though.


    • It just shows us how daft most longlists are, really, because there ARE a lot of great books around the world. This list is actually more realistic.


  6. I don’t what impresses me more: that so many Australian books are on the longlist or that you have reviewed so many of them! :-)


    • I’m quite pleased about it, it feels like an affirmation that I’m keeping up (at least with the Aussie ones)…


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