Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 4, 2012

2012 Man Asian Literary Prize Longlist

Shadow Man Asian logo 2012Well here we go again, with the Shadow Man Asian Jury for 2013, this year coordinated by Matthew Todd from A Novel Approach, with fellow jurors, Stu Allen from Winston’s Dad and Mark Staniforth from Eleutherophobia.    Between us we aim to review the entire longlist, and will eventually choose our winner from the official shortlist of 5 or 6 titles to be announced on January 9th 2013. The winner, who will receive $30,000 USD, will be announced on March 14th 2013.

The Longlist was announced tonight: I’ve harvested these titles from #ManAsian  Tweets and the Man Asian website.   Visit their site for more information about the books and the authors.

  1. Goat Days – Benyamin (India)
  2. Between Clay and Dust – Musharraf Ali Farooqi (Pakistan) (see my review)
  3. Another Country – Anjali Joseph (India) (see my review)
  4. The Briefcase – Hiromi Kawakami (Japan) (see my review, I also read it for Tony’s January in Japan)
  5. Thinner Than Skin – Uzma Aslam Khan (Pakistan) (on my TBR)
  6. Ru – Kim Thúy (Vietnam / Canada*)
  7. Black Flower – Young-Ha Kim (South Korea)
  8. Island of a Thousand Mirrors – Nayomi Munaweera (Sri Lanka)
  9. Silent House – Orhan Pamuk (Turkey) (See my review)
  10. Honour – Elif Shafak (Turkey) (See my review)
  11. Northern Girls – Sheng Keyi (China) (See my review)
  12. The Garden of Evening Mists – Tan Twan Eng (Malaysia)  (See my review)
  13. The Road To Urbino – Roma Tearne (Sri Lanka / U.K.*) (on my TBR)
  14. Narcopolis – Jeet Thayil (India) (See my review)
  15. The Bathing Women – Tie Ning (China)

To see all the available reviews please visit A Novel Approach or Eleutherophobia.


Only two are available from Fishpond:
The Bathing Women

I discovered some fantastic books last year through the Man Asian nominations, so I’m looking forward to new discoveries this year too.


To see reviews by other jurors, please visit the SMALP Jury Notes  at Matt Todd’s A Novel Approach.


  1. Thanks for sharing Lisa, I just found some interesting books to be added in my TBR.


    • Hello, and welcome! I’m looking forward to the conversation about these books so I hope you drop back when we’ve both read them:)


      • Keep posting Lisa, I do love your reviews.


  2. I just finished reading The Garden of the Evening Mists. I thought it was very good, so I want to root for it, but that’s not really fair since I haven’t read any of the others!


    • That’s a good recommendation all the same:)


  3. And only three that I think I’ve heard of! Lots of new-to-me titles to investigate!


    • I can’t wait till my parcel arrives from the Book Depository!


  4. It is wonderful to see your Shadow Jury taking on this project again. I know that I don’t want to read all those longlist titles — so having evaluations from you four is very much appreciated.

    Happy Reading!


    • You’re our inspiration, Kevin:)


  5. […] years Chair to join the 2012 edition of the shadow Man Asian prize  By Matthew and to join again Lisa and Mark as fellow jurors for a second year so today saw the longlist for the 2012 prize announced […]


  6. loads great new books and like Debbie said most of them are new to me as well ,all the best stu


    • If they’re as good as last year then we are in for a treat!


  7. My first reaction was, what a great list. My second was, how on earth am I going to get hold of some of these? Still, I suppose that’s part of the fun…


    • Yes, finding those last three is going to be a challenge if the BD and Fishpond don’t have them.


  8. This is a great thing. I just told Stu that.


  9. […] House is the first of the books nominated for the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize that I’ve read, but I would have read it anyway.  I have yet to read  My Name is Red which […]


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