Posted by: Lisa Hill | January 9, 2013

2012 Man Asian Literary Prize Shortlist

Shadow Man Asian logo 2012From the official press release about the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize Shortlist, announced tonight in Hong Kong:

Five novels showcasing the diversity and depth of writing from Istanbul to Tokyo were announced today as the shortlist for the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize was revealed, listing distinctive and celebrated writers for the first time in a region-wide context.

The shortlist, which includes writers from five different countries, champions a debut novelist alongside a Nobel laureate, translated work as well as original writing in English, and includes smaller regional publishers as well as larger international houses.

The five shortlisted novels, selected from a longlist of 15, are:

–         Between Clay and Dust – Musharraf Ali Farooqi (Pakistan) (see my review)

–         The BriefcaseHiromi Kawakami (Japan) (see my review)

–         Silent House Orhan Pamuk (Turkey) (see my review)

–         The Garden of Evening Mists Tan Twan Eng (Malaysia) (Update: see my review)

–         NarcopolisJeet Thayil (India) (Update: see my review)

The winner, who will receive USD 30,000, will be announced on March 14th 2013 at a black tie Prize Dinner in Hong Kong, the home of the Prize. The translator, if any, will receive USD 5,000.


  1. Some contenders for my translation challenge here – thanks for sharing.


  2. Interesting info


  3. I see that the book you disliked didn’t make it on to the shortlist!


    • Annabel, Celestice, Biblioglobal, Mark & Stu, I’m quite content with the three that I’ve read being here on the list, but I plan to read the ones that missed out as well, in due course. That’s what I like about this prize, that it exposes us to books that we wouldn’t otherwise hear about…


  4. Not a bad list in itself. But where oh where oh where is ‘Northern Girls’?


  5. fairly happy I ve two reviewed two read and one to get so happy and four I ve read have all enjouyed a good list this year I think ,all the best stu


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