Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 17, 2013

Book Giveaway: The Colour of Kerosene; Creating Room to Read; and An Imaginary Mother

From time to time I receive unsolicited books for review that are outside my usual reading fare, and although I sometimes keep them, read them, enjoy them and review them – sometimes the pile of books for review gets a bit out of hand and then I start to feel guilty about the books that I did request to review …

Sometimes guest reviewers help me out, but sometimes they’re busy, or the books don’t match up with their reading preferences either.  What to do?  Have a giveaway, of course!

So here we have three very different books.  You can enter the giveaway for whichever one takes your fancy, or for all three.  Just make sure you make your wishes clear when you express your interest in the comments below.

  • The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories, by Cameron Raynes (Wakefield Press).  If you saw the review in this week’s Australian you will know that this is an impressive collection.  Kirsten Krauth says that Raynes delivers passion in every word and she enjoyed discovering characters off the beaten track: isolated, desperate, uncertain where they’re heading, whether to turn up or turn off.
  • An Imaginary Mother by Bron Nicholls (Black Pepper Publishing) was also reviewed in The Australian.  Joanne Fedler describes it as a heartfelt effort at evoking the filial ambivalence about her complex and elusive mother.
  • Creating Room to Read: A Story of Hope in the Battle for Global Literacy, by John Wood (Penguin Australia) is the story of philanthropist John Wood’s quest to build libraries around the world.

(You can see a full description of the books if you click on the links).

Creating Room to Read  The Colour of KeroseneAn Imaginary Mother

All entries from Australian or New Zealand residents will be eligible but it is a condition of entry that if you are the winner, you must contact me with a postal address by the deadline that will be specified in the blog post that announces the winner. (I’ll redraw if this deadline isn’t met).

You can be sure of being notified that you are a winner if you subscribe to the blog using RSS or by email.  (See the RH sidebar).

So, be in it to win it!  Register your interest in comments below and I’ll draw the winners at the end of next week using a random generator.

BTW The postage for these giveaways is met from the small commission I receive when you click on a link or the bookseller buttons in the RH sidebar to buy a book via this blog from Fishpond.


  1. Thank you I would love to win the colour of kerosine and other stories to read to my granddaughter. A


  2. I would be very interested in reading Creating Room to Read and sharing it with my friends


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I want to read The Colour of Kerosene so much I can smell it. No lighters please.


  4. I don’t want any of the books (I have enough already) but this seems to be a good way of disposing of them. We have a charity bookshop near us which makes it a very simple task for me to take a bag down occasionally and be met by oohs and aahs when they see it contains a stack of NEW books. Perhaps they think I’ve stolen them.

    Reviewing books certainly robs any sense of loving the phsyicality of the book as far as I’m concerned. Give me an e-book anyday.


    • Oh, no, I must disagree with you there, Tom. I have gone right off eBooks and only read them these days when there seems to be no other convenient way. Most publishers send me their newsletters and then I request things that interest me, so when they arrive I am delighted to see them:)


  5. […] you to entrants for the Book Giveaway: The Colour of Kerosene – I have drawn a winner using the random number generator at and am pleased to announce […]


  6. Hello Lisa,
    Thanks again for this!
    I’m very interested in An Imaginary Mother by Bron Nicholls as well.


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