Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 20, 2013

Shortlist for the Stella Prize Announced – AustLit News

Shortlist for the Stella Prize Announced – AustLit News.


  1. The Stella Prize short list is a very interesting one. I have read four of the nominations; haven’t read Sea Hearts or The Sunlit Zone. I was glad to see The Burial short listed, but I do think Like a House on Fire will win.


    • Hi Meg, thanks for dropping by:)
      What makes you think Cate’s will win?

  2. I think Cate will win because her short stories are so varied. Very humane, you can relate to most and of course, they are well written.


    • Could be, and short stories are very popular at the moment, judging by the number that keep being released. I’ve met all three of the Literary Fiction authors and they’re all lovely people, so I want them all to win. (Actually what I really, really want is for a philanthropist to give all three a nice big fellowship so that they can drop everything else and write more novels for me to read.)

  3. Lisa, that is a very good idea. Though at the same time, it is difficult to keep up with all the books to read. My TBR shelf grows and grows. Reservations at my library grows and grows. I wish my garden was as prolific as these reads I must have.


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